Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'll tell you what important event happened Tuesday, and it wasn't an election

So we are all waking up this morning with the same president, the same House and the same Senate.
 I get that.
 I also understand that our nation is deeply divided, perhaps not seen in a way since the Civil War 125 years ago. 
Check, got that one, too. 
In effect - for both sides who so keenly hated the other side - what happened Tuesday was nothing more than a Pyrrhic victory, for each party, which is why I never bothered to watch even one minute of the returns.
I had medicine to take, stuff that knocked me out so I could avoid the pain that was knocking me silly.
But we all woke up this morning, didn't we?
The sun still rose, didn't it?
My wife still kissed me good-bye and say - as Bev always does - "have a wonderful day," and mean it with all of her heart.
When I opened the door to my house in the very heavily developed city of Mentor-on-the-Lake wasn't there a doe not 20 feet away looking at me, and wasn't that a dandy and absolutely stunning thing to see?
And while many folk were voting yesterday afternoon I was visiting with my urologist to go over tests to see if the radioactive pellets inserted into my prostate were where they should be in order to kill off the cancer residing there. 
We then talked about things like incontinence, impotence, radiation-induced fatigue, the super-charged price for "male-enhancement" drugs, that it will be at least two more months before we know if the cancer is dead.
Oh, and in the waiting room were several other men - some older and some younger than me - with the same hang-dog look of fear and pain on their faces. Each knowing that their very lives were now in someone else's hands.
So I walked out of the urologist's office keenly disappointed, hoping for more but getting less than expected, let alone, hoped for.
We had an election and some of my candidates won but most of them did not
 I get that as well.
Stopping to think about it, after tens - hundreds - of millions of dollars being spent on a tragically negative and divisive campaign by ALL parties we have not budged politically from where we were 24 hours ago.
To think, all that just to maintain the status quo.
So please, don't try to tell me what truly happened yesterday at the polls was the day's most important event.
It wasn't.
Not by a very long shot.
 - Jeffrey L. Frischkorn
Twitter: @Fieldkorn

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